Zhi Gan Cao Tang 炙甘草湯

Zhi Gan Cao Tang 炙甘草湯

Sheng Foong

Licorice Combination (dryness-moistening formula)

Effects: tonifying  qi and  blood; enriching yin  and restoring the  pulse

Indications: qi and  blood deficiency;  bound and intermittent  pulses due to cold damage;  palpitation; shortness of breath and oppression in the chest; consumptive disease and lung atrophy; profuse drool and spittle; hiccup; deficiency disease; oppression after sweating;  intermittent  deficiency  heat; vacuous  rapid pulse.

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating palpitation and tachycardia; bound and intermittent pulses of  in-continuous  beat, sings similar to cardiac  arrhythmia;  nutrition decline;  dry skin ; susceptibility to fatigue; anemia; sympathicotonia; hypertension; atherosclerosis; puerperal fever; gastric ulcer; pulmonary tuberculosis;  throat  node; tinnitus; dry bound stool of the old and the weak.

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