Gou Teng San 鉤藤散

Sheng Foong

Gambir Formula (blood-regulating formula)

Effects: liver reversal dizziness; clearing and disinhibiting the head and eyes.

Indication: reverting heat in the liver meridian; dizziness; distending pain in the chest and diaphragm; heart qi depression; heat vexation and dryness thirst; contracture/aching pain in the shoulder and neck; headache, neurotic headache and insomnia resulting from cerebral artery .

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating neurosis after middle age; headache; dizziness; shoulder aching pain; menopausal syndrome; atherosclerosis; hypertension; cerebral arteriosclerosis; insomnia; bloodshot eyes, etc. Most effective to headache in the morning.

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