Tao He Cheng Qi Tang 桃核承氣湯

Tao He Cheng Qi Tang 桃核承氣湯

Sheng Foong

Persica & Rhubarb Combination (blood-regulating formula)

EFFECTS: dispelling  stasis and clearing  heat; breaking blood and expelling  stasis.

INDICATION: cold damage external syndrome not yet resolved; heat binding in the urinary bladder; lower abdominal distention and fullness; black stool; agitation with thirst and delirious speech; fever mania; stomachache with blood stasis; pain induced by amenorrhea; dysentery with blood  amassment.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in coursing blood stasis or obstructions to blood flow;  removing the tense bound lump; stasis  bind and abdominal  pain in female; persistent blooding due to remaining placenta; menorrhea with blood amassent; diseases  related to constitution with excess syndrome caused by blood stasis, such as habitual constipation;  hypertension;  atherosclerosis, etc.

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