Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang 膈下逐瘀湯

Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang 膈下逐瘀湯

Sheng Foong

Tangkuei & Corydalis Combination (blood-regulating formula)

Effects: activating blood to dispel stasis; moving qi and relieving pain.

Indications: blood stasis below the diaphragm resulting in accumulation lump; lump glomus in children; abdominal pain of fixed location; sagging sensation seeming a foreign body in the abdomen when lying.  ( do not use during pregnancy )

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating chronic active hepatitis; ectopic pregnancy ; chronic pelvic infection; tuberculous pleurisy; pericarditis; intestinal tuberculosis; infertility; diabetes mellitus;  islet cell tumor;  chronic  pancreatitis; tuberculous peritonitis; mastoplasia; Budd-Chiari syndrome; stomach duct pain; abdominal pain; blood clots, etc.

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