Gui Qi Jian Zhong Tang 歸耆建中湯

Gui Qi Jian Zhong Tang 歸耆建中湯

Sheng Foong

Tangkuei & Astragalus Combination (cold-dispelling formula)

Effects: tonifying qi and fortifying the middle; harmonizing the interior and relaxing   tension .

Indication: consumptive disease and abdominal urgency; all deficiency diseases(hundred detriments; decline in nutrition and function of the whole body). pain in stomach duct  and abdomen; liking for warmth and pressure; belching and acid regurgitation; sloppy stool; dim complexion; lassitude of spirit and weak limbs; pale tongue and fine pulse; spleen-stomach  deficiency cold. 

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating weakness after severe illness; night sweating; fatigue diseases; tuberculous debility; weak children; chronic otitis media; subcutaneous node of the neck gland; streaming ulcer with pus; chronic ulcer; suppurative ulcer; night sweating and lassitude; heat vexation and pain; hemorrhoid and fistula; flat-abscess;  bone   flat-abscess;  infantile hernia; polyuria.  For postpartum emaciation, couple with  Tangkuei Four Combination(Si Wu Tang)  For emaciation due to wind-cold,  couple with Astragalus  & Siler Formula(Yu Ping Feng San) .

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