Gan Mai Da Zao Tang 甘麥大棗湯

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang 甘麥大棗湯

Sheng Foong

(tranquilzing formula)

Effects: nourishing the heart to tranquilize; tonifying qi and harmonizing the middle

Indications: female hysteria; sadness with an urge to weep; abstraction of the spirit; loss of self control; insomnia; disorganization of behavior; repeated yawning; epilepsy; manic psychosis; red tongue with scant fur

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating hysteria. neurasthenia. neurosis; manic-depressive psychosis; insomnia; epilepsy; Huntington's disease; sleep walking; gastrospasm; uterine spasm or spasmodic cough; morbid night crying in babies.  For insomnia due to excess heart fire, couple with Coptis & Rhubarb Combination.  

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