Xiao Xian Xiong Tang 小陷胸湯

Xiao Xian Xiong Tang 小陷胸湯

Sheng Foong

Minor Trichosanthes Combination (interior-attacking formula)

EFFECTS: clearing heat to resolve phlegm; soothing the chest and dissipating binds

INDICATIONS: phlegm-heat binding chest; stiffness of the chest and stomach; yellow stick phlegm. Chest bind is a symptom featured by pain, rigidity and fullness below the heart induced by heat pathogen binding in the chest

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used to treating diseases due to internal binding of phlegm heat, such as acute/chronic glossitis, cholecystitis, brachitis, exudative pleurisy, intercostal neuralgia, angina pectoris etc.  Clinical signs are oppression in the chest, chest pain, and yellow phlegm.  It can also be used to treat vomiting, acid regurgitation.  

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