Zuo Gui Wan 左歸丸

Zuo Gui Wan 左歸丸

Sheng Foong

Cyathula & Rehmannia (tonifying and replenishing formula)

Effects: tonifying the kidney water;  nourishing essence and blood. 

Indications: spleen-stomach deficiency cold; vomiting and distention; pain in the umbilical region; cold abdominal colic; sloppy diarrhea.

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating lumbago; sciatica; lower limb numbness;  beriberi; nephritis;  renal atrophy;  renal tuberculosis; benign prostatic  hyperplasia; difficult urination; nocturia; endocrine dysfunction; aplastic  anemia; neurasthenia; amnesia; spermatocystitis;  impotence.

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