Ba Zhen Tang 八珍湯

Ba Zhen Tang 八珍湯

Sheng Foong

TANGKUEI & GINSENG EIGHT COMBINATION (tonifying and replenishing formula)

Radix angelicae sinensis

Rx rehmanniae conquitae


Fructus jujubae

Rhizome cnidium

Radix et rhizome ginseng

Glycyrrhizae prep

Radix paeoniae alba

Rhizoma atractylodes

Rhizoma zingiberis

Effects: Tonifying qi and replenishing blood; harmonizing the nutrient and defense 

Indications: Dual deficiency of qi and blood; yin deficiency with internal heat; spleen-stomach deficiency; pale complexion; dizziness; limb lassitude; palpitation and fearful throbbing; reduced appetite; thin muscle; flooding and spotting during pregnancy; pale tongue and fur; fine vacuous pulse

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating anemia, weak body, female lumbago, menstrual irregularities, postpartum loss of excessive blood, habitual abortion, prepartum/postpartum nourishment

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