Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang 補陽還五湯

Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang 補陽還五湯

Sheng Foong

ASTRAGALUS & PEONY COMBINATION (tonifying and replenishing formula)

Effects: reinforcing the healthy qi and dispelling wind; eliminating stagnation and freeing the collateral vessels.

Indications: hemiplegia due to sequela of stroke; deviated eye and mouth; sluggish tongue; drooling from the corners of mouth; weak wilting lower limbs; dry stool; frequent urination or enuresis; white fur; moderate  pulse.

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating sequela of stroke due to cerebral thrombosis or apoplexy; neuroparalysis of the face; coronary heart disease; angina pectoris; myocardial infarction ,quite effective both in precaution and treatment.

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