Xiao Xu Ming Tang 小續命湯

Xiao Xu Ming Tang 小續命湯

Sheng Foong

He Ye & Peony Formula (wind-dispelling formula)

EFFECTS: tonifying qi and dissipating cold; dispersing wind and dispelling dampness

INDICATIONS: deifciency and weakness of hralthy qi; hemiplegia due to onset of wind cold striking the meridian and collateral; deviated eye and mouth; dysphasia; contracture of the meridian vessel; headache and stiffness of the neck

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating strike; deviated eye and mouth; contracture of the sinews; hemiplegia; stiff tongue impeding speech

Except for hemiplegia, this formula can treat: 1)impediment due to wind cold dampness; migrant arthralgia; numbness of the skin; inhibited bending and stretching of the joint; 2) yang deficiency inducing wind cold dampness invasion.

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