Tao Hong Si Wu Tang 桃紅四物湯

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang 桃紅四物湯

Sheng Foong

Tangkuei Four & Persica Carthamus (blood-regulating formula)

EFFECTS: activating  blood and moving stasis;  moistening dryness  and regulating menstruation .

INDICATION: female advanced menstruation, large in amount, the color purple, sticky, pasty and sometimes  in mass; abdominal  pain and distension.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating blood stasis and stagnation in female; menstrual irregularities; premenstrual abdominal pain; inhibited menstruation; the color dark purple and in mass(gore). dribbling caused by blood stasis, large in amount, prolonged and incessant.

menstrual irregularities; chronic pelvic infection; hypertension; sequela of cerebral apoplexy  (hemorrhage);high  blood cholesterol;  angioneurotic  headache;  migraine, etc.

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