Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin 普濟消毒飲

Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin 普濟消毒飲

Sheng Foong

Scute & Cimicifuga Combination (fire-draining/reducing formula)

EFFECTS: dispersing wind and swelling; resolving heat and clearing toxin.

INDICATION: fever with a swollen head; aversion to cold and heavy body in early phase, followed by swollen head and face, inability to open eyes, the upper respiratory tract pant ; discomfort in the throat; thirst and dry tongue; disquieted with vexinq thirst; red tongue and yellow fur; strong rapid pulse.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating facial erysipelas; acute mumps; contact dermatitis; cellulitis; acute tonsillitis; acute submaxillary lymphadenitis; painful swelling in the head, face and throat; throat impediment; abscess/sore/swellinq toxin.

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